The Biblical basis for our environmental responsibilities:

This is central to our Christian life. Rev Stuart Holman explains “throughout the bible there are references that draw attention to our role as stewards of God’s Creation. There is the implicit meaning of the first commandment to love God with our entire being (caring for The Earth is a practical way of loving God ). The second commandment requires us to care for each other – often the casualties of environmental damage are the vulnerable. Psalm 24 tells us “The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it …”

We have developed resources to help Christians consider how the bible teaches us to look after the Earth:

Talk 1: Created in God’s Image. How this requires Man to be a Good Steward of The Earth

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Talk 2: Environmental Care and the Ten Commandments

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Talk 3: How does the prediction of Jesus’ second coming affect our Creation Care responsibilities ?

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In this series of two sermons, Rev Stuart Holman details the case for a Christian environmental stewardship, which is heightened by thoughtful engagement with both the Old and New Testaments. In this we see that our good desires to care for the environment are formed, sharpened and driven by a biblically formed world view.