St Andrew’s Roseville Recycling Centre for small e-waste:

Located near the entrance to the church hall the recycling centre has 3 collection bins for mobile phones, household batteries, and printer toner cartridges. We take these items to community recycling centres.

Mobile phones:

What is accepted:

  • Mobile phone handsets (Including PDAs that are mobiles)
  • Mobile phone accessories(Ear pieces, Car kits, Cases…)
  • Mobile batteries of all kinds
  • Mobile phone chargers
  • Wireless USB mobile devices

What is not accepted:

  • Non-mobile electronic components or devices
  • pagers, MP3 players
  • PDAs (with no phone function)
  • Landline telephones


What is accepted:

  • All household batteries
  • Terminals of 9V batteries must be taped
  • Any leaking batteries should be in a plastic bag

What is not accepted:

Printer Ink and Toner cartridges

What is accepted:

  • All household printer ink and toner cartridges

The recycling centre is well used by the St Andrew’s Community.

The battery bin fills up every 2-3 few months and last month we delivered well over 500 old batteries for recycling. Over the last 5 years the St Andrew’s Roseville community have probably saved more than 5000 batteries from going to landfill – isn’t that something !

Did you know ?

As the battery casing corrodes in landfill, chemicals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, and lithium leach into the soil, and eventually into waterways. These are potentially catastrophic for naturally occurring soil organisms, and are absorbed upwards through the food chain. We just don’t know the full extent of the damage they cause .


Coming Soon


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National Tree Planting Day

National Tree Planting Day was on Sunday 28 July 2019. We joined Friends of Lane Cove National Park group planting trees along the Lane Cove River